Environmental Protection and Quality

『 Environmental Protection 』

For human health, the environment and the climate

Green design

Sustainability is the primary goal of TZZ.

The production of eco-friendly products and resource-efficient production has a long tradition and will play a bigger role in the future.

Human health
Health and environmental protection products are an important guarantee for human and quality of life.


Under the slogan of "Green Idea", the importance of protecting human health and environment is increasing day by day.


In the future, sustainability will play a bigger role in the development of TZZ

Environmental Protection Concept

Environmental protection is not only the responsibility of enterprises, and the premise of enterprise survival and sustainable development, but also the basic survival of human beings.

The quality of environmental protection work no longer only affects the image of enterprises, but also affects the survival and development of human beings. Only by protecting the environment can enterprises embark on the road of sustainable development. In this context, we will pay equal attention to increasing efficiency and environmental protection, and continue to explore a win-win road for both environmental protection and efficiency.

Since its inception, TZZ has always been adhering to the purpose of maintaining equal emphasis on production and operation and environment, adhering to the scientific outlook on development, strengthening environmental management, increasing emission reduction efforts, and working hard to achieve sustainable development of enterprises. In order to better commit to energy conservation and environmental protection work, TZZ invested a large amount of money to introduce advanced treatment technology and purchase a large number of equipment, in order to ensure that the emission of wastes meet the standards and minimize the environmental impact.

『 Quality 』

Quality policy

We use precision equipment, precision processing, high standard quality system, to provide excellent quality for global customers.

Quality is the only cornerstone of our existence and for customer to choose us.

Precision and detail - perfect image

Usually, the structural details invisible to the naked eye on the surface still play a decisive role in the overall surface effect, so in the process of processing the carved surface for accurate detection and continuous comparison to ensure that all parameters (shape structure, roughness, texture depth and gloss) remain optimal throughout the production.

In order to ensure that the mold processing can achieve the desired effect, we basically use three different test methods:
① Depth meter can directly and quickly test the surface depth of mold texture;
② Optical microscope can be used to record surface quality, magnification up to 400 times.
③ Engraving details can be effectively evaluated using FRT system (FRT scanner), the combination of interference measuring head and color distance sensor, based on the principle of color difference, to draw two-dimensional or three-dimensional measurement diagram. Based on the spectral distribution analysis, the height of the region can be accurately measured. This non-contact method can be used to analyze transparency, reflection and matte conditions.

Several factors affect the final appearance of engraving surfaces:

① Function

② depth

③ Tactile sensation

④ glossiness


Qualification certificates

ISO4001 was approved In July 2016

Environmental assessment and energy assessment were approved by the government in September 2016;

TS16949 quality system certification was audited in October 2016


We have professional texture design for the appearance of products,
R&D and digital processing technology